About Us

The Mahak saga began way back in the year of 1994 from the Malanpur facility with the launch of bottled Mineral Water with brand name �Pio-Pio� in food grade PP Tumblers and Bottles.


As per the Jains, �it was our Endeavour to provide the Mineral Water in Tumblers with peel- able lid, for which the production plant was imported. We made supplies of our Mineral Water in throughout Northern India and to Institutions like Railways also, we also fulfilled the export orders for it.� Of late, the capacity of this plant was completely used for production of Mehak�s fruit gel products since 1996. Mr. Jain remembers how it was difficult to establish the market of Fruitjel in India, since the product jelly was earlier on made with gelatin. (Non Vegetarian Source). After a detailed study, the Jains brought the product from a totally vegetarian source, making it an instant delight for all vegans, and in the process becoming a pioneer in this arena. The power packed punch line �Real Fruit Real Fun,� for its brand Jelly Belly, was very eye-catching. What is remarkable is that earlier on, consumers were forced to import fruit jellies from manufacturers abroad. Now, Indians get them bang on in India itself. On one hand, international products were ushered in, and that too, made as per the Indian palate, and on the other, one saves valuable forex by curbing imports. Product Brand Jelly Belly is being pushed into the market in different consumer friendly non-toxic packaging of cups & toys. Interestingly, the mission statement behind this hectic parlaying is �to provide max customer satisfaction by using vegan ingredients, something which classes such as Jains consider extremely creditworthy.�


The group expanded its operations by adding a new product line for manufacturing of ethnic sweets with brand �Milk N Nut� in year 1998. This was laced with Milk, coconut and sugar. As a footnote, though sweets do not enjoy a long shelf life, this particular product can last for upto nine months due to value-added preservatives in it. The Mahak-ites have even developed a Fruit Yoghurt flavoured Fruit Jel with brand name Frugurt in ready to eat packaging with a shelf life of 6 months.


The group further expanded by way of setting up a new unit in the year 2004 at Parwanoo (Himachal Pradesh) with latest ultra-modern Plant & Machinery. Initially, this was used for production of hard boiled & soft candies. Immediately, this was followed by adding onto the product line by production of double color, ready-to-eat fruit jel products and Pudding with Jelly, brand named �Jelly Pud.� Previously, the organization depended on foreign supplies for Empty Jelly Cup/ containers. Now, a packaging unit, too, has been set up. The entire production of the Packaging division is for Mehak�s captive consumption, thus, we making the entire process very cost-efficient. In fact, Jains benefitted in two ways, first by the cost factor, and second, by becoming self-reliant in supplies and inventory control. In this way, the Jains fought competition and were able to serve consumers continuously.